Investment advisory and portfolio management

Investment advisory and portfolio management services are our strengths. We want to make sure that your assets are safe and in good hands. Another pillar our investment philosophy rests on is transparency. Should you wish to change banks, we are happy to assist you.

You know about financial markets and wish to take your own investment decisions. We are able to support you by providing you with detailed portfolio analyses, evaluations of investment ideas and professional investment recommendations.

Alternatively, you might wish to dedicate less of your precious time to the management of your assets and place these in the hands of experts. Should you entrust us with a portfolio management mandate, we agree on an investment strategy and manage your assets on your behalf. We target a specific, absolute return to allow you to measure our performance.

Should you wish to entrust your assets to a new bank, we are going to negotiate with the chosen institutions on your behalf in our role as professionals to make sure future services are tailored to suit your needs and tariffs are competitive.

Your key contact
Michaela Blankart,