Ethics & remuneration

Blankart & Cie follow high ethical standards. Our approach is geared towards fairness, sincerity, moderation and community spirit. It is reflected in the work we do for you and in the way we treat our staff.

We are aware that our actions may have a significant impact on your economic livelihood, which is why we refrain from buying and selling intransparent or illiquid securities. We favour investments into companies which pursue ecological and social goals.

When advising you and effecting transactions on your behalf, we always have your best interest in mind. In order to avoid conflicts of interest we do not trade in our own name and for our own account. Furthermore, we waive retrocession payments. You will be able to benefit from any discounts granted to ourselves.

We are open and honest and inform you in great detail about the transaction risks involved. Moreover, we are committed to being measured up to the service quality we provide.

Our fees and tariffs as well as our statements are fair and reasonable.

We treat all information brought to our attention in connection with our professional activities with utmost discretion.

Partner companies that we refer our clients to must have demonstrated excellent overall performance and be financially sound.

Your key contact
Michaela Blankart,