Frequently asked questions

A number of questions might come up surrounding a collaboration with us. We have answered the most frequent ones for you below.

Do I have sufficient assets to collaborate with you?

We welcome all customers. The minimum investment amounts for tailored solutions are CHF 250,000 respectively EUR 200,000. Amounts below this threshold are invested in carefully selected investment funds. This way anyone can share our investment philosophy in an efficient way at a reasonable cost.

I already have a relationship manager at my bank. Is there any incentive for me to collaborate with you?

Since we are an entrepreneurial company, our success is tied to your success. Hence we are highly motivated to build up a lasting, personal relationship with you and it is in our interest to keep you happy.

As independent specialists we do not act in the interest of any third party, such as a bank. This means we are under no obligation to sell products of any kind. When effecting transactions on your behalf, we always have your best interest in mind.

If I opt for a collaboration with you, do I need to change banks?

We are neutral and independent in every sense and willing to work with any bank you choose. We are, however, pleased to inform you that we have negotiated attractive special conditions with a number of banks that benefit our customers.

So far I have managed my assets myself. Is there any incentive for me to opt for your investment advisory or portfolio management services?

Building up a portfolio is time-consuming. Pitfalls must be avoided, the investor must be focused and bear some important factors in mind. We are able to help you create your own portfolio. If you request us to do so, we manage it professionally for you. This way you have more time for other things that are at least as important to you.

I live aborad. Why should I collaborate with a Swiss wealth management firm?
The answer is currency diversification via an investment in Swiss francs is useful and it may be beneficial to avoid a concentration of your assets in a single location. Bookings in Switzerland can be easily supervised with the help of local advisers who are familiar with the banking system in this country. Switzerland boosts political and economic stability and is known as a safe haven. Economically, it steers a liberal course. Moreover, taxes are low and here you will find an innovative spirit. The Swiss franc is proven to be reliable, the range of services is remarkably wide and Switzerland is easily accessible from practically anywhere. Through decades, all these reasons have earned Switzerland a reputation for offering a favourable environment to investors hardly found elsewhere.

What is the cost?

When we act on your behalf, we dedicate our time, knowledge, instruments and experience to you. Think of a lawyer taking on your case or a doctor you consult. You pay a price for our services, which is in line with the market. In practice you often benefit from lower charges and higher yields that outweigh our fees. Overall you get more than you pay for.

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