Are you looking for someone to entrust the management of your financial assets or your real estate to, or, alternatively, for an independent advisory firm that will offer you all its expertise and dedication to the management of your assets? If so, we are pleased to let you know that you need not look any further. We are committed to suiting your needs and tailoring our solutions specifically to you, whether or not you are familiar/experienced with wealth management. Sustainable growth and the long-term preservation of your assets are our top priority, which mean as much to us as your confidence in our company. We would be delighted to make your acquaintance soon.

Quick answers to your questions:

On Blankart as a firm:

Blankart & Cie is a thoroughly Swiss, owner-managed and independent financial service provider.

On our services:

We are happy to answer all your questions about your assets. Our comprehensive expertise covers asset management and investment advisory services, real estate management and building owners’ representation, succession and estate planning, philanthropy consulting and the traditional trust business.

On who we offer our services to:

The majority of our clients are private individuals, but we also serve numerous charitable foundations. Our services are tailored to customers who value individuality, professionalism and personal service. Experience and previous knowledge on their part is not a prerequisite. What really matters is their desire to do something meaningful with their assets. We work hand in hand with them in order to find the best solution together and offer customised support.

On why I/we should choose Blankart as my/our financial advisor:

Many customers have turned to us because they no longer felt they were in good hands and because we can give them exactly what they expect from a financial advisor and what they were missing previously: Individual, personalised advice, continuity of contact persons, transparent recommendations, specially tailored services as well as old-fashioned virtues such as unconditional loyalty, unconditional customer orientation and absolute discretion.