Our definition of sustainability

Sustainability has two important facets as far as we are concerned. First, we are driven by our desire to successfully collaborate with our clients in the long term. Secondly, in asset management, we apply particularly stringent standards in the selection of equities, bonds and other investment instruments, which in some cases go well beyond standard sustainability approaches.

Our convictions

First: Building trust over time

Your wealth is inextricably linked to your person and personality and affects many aspects of your life. Investment advice worthy of its name should therefore include all these aspects as well. The prerequisite for this is mutual trust, which does not come overnight, but is built through numerous personal discussions and over the years. This is why we go an extra mile in order to earn your trust, justify it day by day and thus build a long-term relationship.

Secondly: No standard solutions

In an era of increasing digitalisation and process orientation, more often than not all that counts is being fast and efficient. This results in standardised services that do not cater to your personal needs. We, on the other hand, offer customised solutions just for you. As your needs are as individual as your personality, we are not in a position to deliver standardised services. After all, you deserve highly individualised ones, which you will get from us.

Thirdly: We do not speek financial gobbledegook

Not even the worst weeds grow as wildly as financial jargon. Almost every hour, new meaningless terms are created that obscure more than they clarify. Yet, language should enable clear, comprehensible communication, which forms the basis for mutual trust. This is why we formulate our proposals and recommendations in simple, precise and understandable language. We only recommend solutions that we know down to the last detail and of which we are truly convinced. Anything else would not be sustainable and therefore not in our own interest.

Fourthly: Results rather than promises

Let us put it like that: no false hopes. Since forecasts are usually pure speculation, we do not promise a return of X percent. Rather, we agree a specific return target with you, based on what you expect, which we consider realistic and that you can measure us up against at any time.

The fact that we generally achieve above-average results is down to our many years of experience, our first-class networking, our serious work and the thorough and up-to-date training and further education of our employees. As regards our clients, they sleep well (or better), knowing that they can rely on our solid recommendations.

Our standards

Our aspirations

We place high ethical demands on ourselves and our work. Fairness, honesty, cost efficiency and public spirit are the cornerstones of our activities, our relationship with our customers and our employees.

Our mission

  1. We are aware that our actions can be decisive for the economic existence of our customers. Accordingly, we refrain from investing in obscure or illiquid assets. We prefer to invest in securities of companies that operate in an ecologically and socially responsible manner.
  2. Advisory services and transactions are always carried out in the interest of our clients. In order to avoid conflicts of interest, we do not engage in proprietary trading. We also disclose any benefits from other service providers to our clients without reservation.
  3. We inform our customers honestly and comprehensively about the risks associated with a proposed or agreed solution or recommendation. We will, of course, be measured by our performance.
  4. Our fees and commissions as well as our invoices are fair and transparent.
  5. We undertake to keep strictly confidential all information disclosed to us in connection with our professional activities.
  6. We only recommend partner firms to our customers having an excellent overall trackrecord and a good credit rating.